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Agricultural & Commercial Solar Panels North Devon

Specialising in agricultural and commercial solar panel installation in North Devon, we help businesses and farms cut costs, reduce their carbon footprint and future-proof their energy supply. Our MCS certified solar PV installers have over 10 years of experience in the design and installation of large scale solar PV array installations and maintenance. To find out more and arrange a site survey, please contact us.

Solar Panels for Farms

We supply and install both ground and roof mounted solar panels for farms and agricultural land. Harness solar energy through the installation of roof mounted solar PV on farm buildings and generate electricity to power your business. We can also install solar battery systems so that you can store electricity for use later on. 

Solar Farms

Solar farms, also known as field-scale PV arrays, can generate a significant amount of electricity. This energy can be used to power your business or it can be fed into the National Grid to generate an income from SEG tariffs.

Large-scale ground-mounted solar PV installations are compatible with other forms of farming such as grazing for small livestock. As a result, you can enhance the use of your land, making it more profitable while generating green energy to help cut carbon emissions. 

With extensive experience in planning, designing and installing solar panels for agricultural clients across North Devon, you can rely on our MCS-certified team to give you practical and knowledgeable advice that is centred around your business needs. 

Commercial Solar Panels

At Earth Inspired Solar, we can help your company become cleaner, greener and more self-sufficient. Installing commercial solar panels not only helps to protect the environment but it can also save you money and increase your business’ green credentials.

Whatever your business needs may be, we can design, install and maintain market-leading MCS-certified solar PV systems on all types of buildings. Call now to arrange a site survey and start your journey to a greener business.

Do I need planning permission for a solar farm?

Yes. You will need to apply for planning permission if you intend to install a large-scale ground-mounted solar PV system.

Do I need planning permission to install roof mounted solar panels?

Installing solar PV systems on roofs may be classed as a permitted development. Before work commences, you should seek professional advice from your local Planning Authority. 

Get a Quote for Commercial & Agricultural Solar Panels

Contact us for further information and to arrange a free site survey to explore how commercial and agricultural solar panel installation can transform your business in North Devon.

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