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How Solar Panels Can Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter

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Interested in solar panels? Rising energy bills are a looming problem for many people in the UK. Many people are feeling the pinch and are looking for ways to reduce the cost of power. Colder months call for radiators to be turned on and hot water bottles to be filled up, which is going to increase your usual energy consumption. It helps to find ways to save on heating your home.

What Do Solar Panels Do?

Essentially, these systems capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. The PV cells are made from semi-conducting materials. When sunlight is shining on this, it creates a flow of electricity. So, how can this help save on bills?

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Generating Your Own Electricity

The biggest benefit of solar panels is that you can make your own energy to power your home. Instead of relying completely on the grid, you can cut bills by using your own power source. With the steep increase in energy prices, this is useful now more than ever. The amount you save will be dependent on how much electricity you use and how big the panels are.

Storing Energy In A Battery

Energy from standard solar panels needs to be used as and when it is generated. With a battery, you can store the excess power. This means you’ll be less reliant on using the mains electricity during the evenings. Moreover, a battery can stop energy from going to waste and will cut down bills from using imported power.

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The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Tariff

As well as cutting your energy bills, solar panels can earn you cash. In a scheme launched by the government in 2020, you can be paid by different companies for exporting unused energy back to the national grid. This extra money can be contributed to your bills, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your renewable energy.

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