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Solar Batteries Vs Selling Your Electricity: Which Is Better?

Solar power storage

Solar batteries are a great addition to your renewable energy set-up. As well as improving your carbon footprint, cutting down energy costs is a priority for homes in the UK. Excess power from solar panels could also be sold back to the national grid too. So, which is the better option?

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Getting Paid For Power

In 2020, the government bought out a scheme that enables solar panel owners to get cash for electricity they don’t use. Solar panel systems generate power all day whilst the sun is out. Sometimes, this energy is not used, and companies will pay different prices for this through the Smart Export Guarante (SEG). The greatest benefit of this is that by selecting the most competitive price, you can get the most from selling your energy. Any extra help towards energy bills is welcomed by many.

Reliable Solar Batteries

A PV system converts sunlight into power during the daytime. This tends to mean that in the dark, a house will use energy from the mains. When it’s night-time, the property is still relying on the grid to power your home. A solar battery is essentially energy storage. If your house doesn’t use all the power made throughout the day, it may be worth investing in one. Solar batteries will store excess energy and keep it until needed. Here are just some of the advantages:

Solar battery
Solar battery on wall

If you’re looking to get better value for your money, especially in the long run, then you should look at solar batteries for your home. With electricity currently costing quite a lot, the time it takes to break even may be quicker than you think.

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